Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm back!!

Yep, I survived Thailand and its back to the 'normal' grind in Tokyo now although I so want to be back on the road again.

...and then I realise, hang on...I AM still sort of on the road because this ain't home either. So looking forward to seeing Japan with renewed enthusiasm! I believe I have had a taste of the backpacking blood or been bitten by the travel bug, whatever it is, its bloody awesome.

One month of no fones, irregular internet access, making friends just to say goodbye in a matter of hours, and then bumping into them yet again. Fleeting friendships, instant connections, beautiful sights, interesting food, adventures, misadventures, living out of a bag, having your mettle tested and then the self-discoveries. I wants moar!

Heaps of updates due but will be done over time as I am still trying to get my bearings right here...and the bloody cold. I officially hate the cold.

But yeah, good to be back...sort of.

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