Friday, December 11, 2009

No Better Way... beat the blues than by venturing out to a sunny park filled with Sumo wrestlers making mochi (pounded rice paste).
Was suffering from lack of sunshine having spent too much time indoors (having classes in the afternoon means its already dark when I leave my house).
So got off my arse and walked out to the university garden/park space where they had a bunch of sumo san pounding mochi. I had seen this happen last year, but there are somethings you can never get used to!
These are mostly the sumo san that are in-training...the real ones are much much er...larger.

They also gave out free mochi (one with red beans, one with soysaucey breadcrumby coating and another wrapped in dry nori...seaweed...all of which i was so busy eating that i forgot to photograph!)

and there was another line giving out a hearty hearty soup with carrots, radish, konyakku (jelly thing made from some rootcrop) and other things that I can never identify.

and a bloody good reminder that I am japan.

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