Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back and forth

As in back from India (more on that later)

and going forth with the lovely pile of assignments I have waiting for me, all due one after another. Joy.

So its the new year too...for the entire globe and for me age wise as well. yay...26!...almost slept through the entire day after spending the previous 24hours either on a delayed flight on the runway or in an airport. Getting to sleep peacefully on your birthday is *bliss* :)

And then ofcourse my pressie arrived by the evening flight, and I almost lost her after failing to tell Rette NOT to leave the station >_< so thanking the universe for Rette's Japanese language classes in high school, Internet cafes and email receiving fones.

also, thankful for stumbling upon ones favourite things wrapped up into one. *bliss*

Jason Mraz+I'm Yours+Sesame Street+Elmo= bliss

2010 is going to be *bliss* I just know it!

of course, the bliss would be much more blissful when the next two weeks or so of classes, presentations, exams and final essays and videos are over and done with!

and yes, this rather miscellaneous post was brought to you today by the word BLISS

and the numbers 2010



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