Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Phone pics backlog

Realised I hadn't blogged in a while, so figured I should clear the backlog of pics on my phone.

Two birds flock together and all that. (Yes, I like mixing sayings)

My favourite one is: spilt milk under the bridge.
I try to live my life as such so that I never have a need to use that.

So pics:

Kururi (くるり)has the best miso ramen I have had in my entire 2.5 years here.

  • This is from a Japanese dessert place next to a river, near where I live. Thunder and his (now) fiancee discovered it. It has an array of things: red bean, soft mochi and stuff I don't even really know the names of. But most importantly, they were all super yum.

ice-cream with red bean and mochi etc, green tea and cake?

  • This next one was taken at a 'service centre' stop on a random road trip taken in Feb. Service centres are found on the main highways and are for bathroom/ciggy breaks, and to refill on food/drinks. I love the food stalls and different fares that appear depending on where they are located in the country. Tiny octopus' on a grill. It was too early in the morning for me to try it out, so I just took a pic. 
Release the Kraken!
And this was found inside the service centre.. yes, soy-sauce flavoured kit-kat. again, your argument is invalid.

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...invalid because this country also has Strawberry sandwiches

after-dinner snack on the Shinkansen back from Toyama

Toyama also had tiny squid, this time I actually tried it out. But had enough for my entire lifetime because the tei-shoku (set menu) had tempura squid, pickled squid, ginger squid... you get the idea.

mini-squid overdose

Blurry squid, damn autofocus!

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