Friday, May 4, 2012

Wanderlust and home

In the words of Twenty-something Travel, "the curse of the traveller, is that no matter how happy you are, at least a small part of you always wishes you were somewhere else." She calls it the 'Restless Heart Syndrome'.

I think the curse follows you back home too after your travels. A friend I had made while in Tokyo left Fiji today after a week of trotting about the island. As expected, she renewed my enthusiasm for my own country, not that I didn't have enough of that already. But she also made me check-in with the part of me that wants to keep seeing the world. The curse then, turns into the drive that hopefully keeps you moving.

But then I find out that I am a god-momma. My dearest belle has a baby. These things you can't get on the road. Of course, the love follows you everywhere you go, but being able to see it unfold, develop and evolve while at home makes for amazing memories. I want to be everywhere and here at the same time.

Another friend moved out of his Mum's place and in with his girlfriend. A few old friends got married, some new ones too and a high school mate went down on one knee. I gush, I awww, I smile and I also cringe. Some people are just better at certain things, some just aren't.

The grass isn't greener on either side, I guess. But one needs enough a dose of both to survive, even if it is through vicarious living. And then some of your own adventure.

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