Friday, October 3, 2008

hurrah...i survived!

got through the first week of japanese classes...alive!!!....yay!

I haven't been in a class in three years almost..and then this week I have had to be in a class...after getting up at 6ish every morning in the cold...and commuting for one hour...20minutes of which is spent squashed against strangers in a packed train. yes, life is hard. Did i mention that each of those morning classes MON-FRI were all three hours each?

yeah so i cant wait to buy a carton (read get cans of beer out of vending machines) and celebrate my survival...but cant celebrate too much as allowance gets in mid Oct and a lot of us are going yeah. a stack of HOMEWORK for the weekend and two tests next week...that i KNOW of. so yeah..there goes the weekend.

Also...its going to be a tough 6months. Learning a foreign language...with three sets of alphabets...i have come to going to be difficult. but I am at 0 level so it can only go up from here.

so yeah. virtual fiji bitter cheers to the weekend...and posh who is celebrating his birthday!!! dammit, wish i were there!

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