Wednesday, October 1, 2008

or am i just easily amused?

So I‘m standing in line waiting to register for my Japanese classes and there are two Asian girls standing in front of me.They speak enough English to make small talk.We bitch about the waiting, the bureaucracy that leads us to wait in line, the weather etc. 

Introductions are in line so maybe for the 10th time that day I tell someone my name and what country I am from. These two are from a neighbouring Asian country as well.

girl 1: Hi I‘m Wendy!
girl2: Hi I‘m Ashley!

end of story.



Wilson said...

wierd fonts...hurt...eyes...from

sharky said...

keyboard= japanese=accidentally formatted=dunno how to change back=deal with it!

shiva said...

Nice...talking to urself in secret language...doesnt that defeat the purpose of having a blog?