Wednesday, April 22, 2009

As if I wasnt doing enough of that already...

May the eastern sun rise and heat the temple on your head that you may think Japanese all day...

-Kaos. 1.48am Fiji Time
(and Kaos, before you ask, that's 10.48pm Japan Time)

First Kanji test of the year we go again. The holidays are most definitely OVER. Luckily this semester I am required to wake up at the crack of dawn only 3 days a week (as opposed to the 5 days last year)...AND I don't have any classes on Friday..yippeee!!!

Its not the waking up early that I mind the most, its the having to commute during rush hour that gets to me at times...something that takes a bit of getting used to for everyone...and is more of a shocker when you come from a country where the only trains we have are the ones carrying sugarcane. And then you are thrown into the other extreme end where the trains are sushi zumi (packed like sushi). So much so that you can't move till the next stop (never mind taking a photo to post with your story).

Also, recent discoveries!!!

- cheap pool place near the train station at uni...
- for the Japanese class I had to go out and buy myself a denshi jisho...aka electronic dictionary (pics later)...the world makes so much more sense now...!!! O_O
- procrastination is my greatest vice right now...but wait, that's not a recent discovery...I already knew that.

And on that note I am going to go multi-task that Kanji cramming and Grad class presentation preparation...more updates in the long weekend (I reiterate: every weekend is a LONG weekend!!!)


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Bellerophontes said...

FRIDAYS OFF!!! Lucky buggerer u!