Friday, June 12, 2009

Sound of Music

Made a trip to the electronic store Bic Camera today to pick up some pending items on the 'luxurious necessities' list.

1. Electric Kettle
2. Earphones

The earphones especially were much needed as the ones I currently have are indeed a disgrace to music, but having gotten used to their inferior quality, I had forgotten what I was missing out on.

But after having browsed the shelves for several months now, trying to convince myself that I buying a new pair would be succumbing to consumerism, I finally made a purchase.

Street II Sennheiser earplugs. And boy am I glad I did. Couldn't wait till I got home so opened it up on the train and plugged them in...ahhh...bliss. I am sorry music, for not listening to you as you were intended to.

oh yeah, and got the electric kettle as well although that was a no brainer, cheapest one off the shelf. Also finally found a certain undergarment in my size (not in the electronic shop though hehe) and it was quite painful paying for it as it cost twice the price of the earphones and the electric kettle put together. >< But then, breast cancer would hurt much more.

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joni said...

"Luxurious necessities!" I love it!