Monday, June 22, 2009

splish! splash! splosh!

The rainy season hath begun in Tokyo and I am hereby embracing it! :)

Over the course of the last two weeks I have discovered that I absolutely love riding my bike back home in the rain!!!

Its like a speedy rain bath where you are not outside long enough to get hypothermia (well actually its quite humid so very little chance of that happening!) or get mud splattered all over the back of your legs/jeans etc.

Yet you can still enjoy the rain drops on your head, get the idea. splish! splash! splosh!...nice to be enjoying the rain instead of bitching about it!

although, damp school bags are not as much fun, neither is day old wet laundry on the clothesline. But hey, small price to pay!

Also, very amusing to see little Japanese kids running around fully decked in their colorful raincoats, ponchos, boots, hats, umbrella's etc. Like someone splashed several rainbows all over little elves! cute!

'borrowed from flickr'

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