Thursday, September 3, 2009

I cannot think of a title for this post...

I just realised that I sometimes spend more time thinking of a bloomin title for my post, than writing up the post itself. ><

So its supposedly autumn...but the cicadas outside my window are still at their not quite yet then.

The first of this month was also the anniversary of my ONE YEAR (!!!!) away from home...and oh! what a year it has been! Here I thank the kindness of strangers, of the friends I have made here and those back home that made this year memorable, and at times bearable.

To the lady that showed me to the river in Chitosekarasuyama so I could follow it back to the dorm...when I didn't even know how to say 'Where is the river' in Japanese.

To the man who walked across the street and gave me an umbrella when I was caught in a downpour on the way home. I only knew how to say Thank you.

To the backpacker at the guesthouse in Ayyuthuya, Thailand, for the 2am rescue and the vacant room that helped save my tired arse that had just gotten off an extremely late train.

For the safe journey through Thailand alone.

To surviving...and immensely enjoying Japan.

To Ears, Max, Thunder and Netto, who are my lifesavers, my translators and my family here. For help with smallest of things and the biggest of problems. Ordering food, catching the train, letting me talk till their ears bled!

And most especially to those back home; friends and family...for putting up with the requests for updates, for writing back, for the care packages, for the love. Keeps me going at the worst and best of times.

To healing.

To miracles, man-made or otherwise.

To the universe in general.


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i miss you! and i still have not replied to your email properly. will do soon!

love you,