Friday, September 4, 2009


Leaving for Hokkaido in an hour.

3 hours train ride to the Port in Oarai.

Overnight ferry to Tomakomai = 19hours.
Shuffle charged and 3 books on standby.

Another 1 hour train ride to the Northern capital Sapporo and an overnight bus up East and I will finally reach my WWOOF Host!

Can't wait to get out of Tokyo!!!

Also, got an Atlas as omiyage for my Host so I can show them EXACTLY where Fiji is. Had to spend some time looking for one where Fiji wasn't lost in the centerfold. Oh yeah, and I reckon that would make a great title for a book on Fiji...Lost in the Centerfold. No?

Also, I discovered that I find the simple task of removing old luggage tags from previous travels when packing my bags for a new destination...quite exciting.



ronna said...

yay!!! have fun but please take care! love you!

John Michaels said...

You must keep the luggage tags.
Also, i demand photos.

jonathan said...

I love that ferry to Hokkaido...

Have a great time!