Thursday, October 1, 2009

I am a foreigner. Foreigners are evil. Therefore I am evil too. Apparently.

The summer holidays are definitely over.

Classes hath begun.

Brain is too exhausted from the week (which isn't even over yet!)

Too many possibly life-altering decisions to make this week...and I thought choosing what classes to take this semester was tough!

have (sort of) made a decision to move out of the dorm I currently live in...because thoroughly exhausted by the >1hr commute every day. And new timetable has me finishing class at 8 almost every day of the week. /argh.

it is a decision to pay close to 4 months rent up front (of which only 2 will be treated as actual rent, one being key money aka gift for landlord and the other commission for real estate agent) and each is twice the amount I pay now. >< this is going to be an interesting few months.

and then to conduct the search in Japanese...flat hunting is tiring enough in English!

AND sit across (i have to say two of the nicest and most patient real estate agents I have come across) while they try to arrange a time with the landlord to go take a look at a reasonably priced, decent sized loft (rare find) only to hear the guy on my side pause during the call...

'ah! so desu ka'
(is that so?)

fast forward...

I can't even go have a look at the flat, let alone move in, because the landlord has a strict policy against ....


The real estate guys were actually quite embarrassed and even tried to give a good pitch for me...She'll stay for two years, she has a Japanese guarantor...nada. In retrospect, I am glad I didn't have to meet this er...person.

Was told later by Thunder that our guy even told the xenophobe in Japanese that "times are changing"

apparently not everywhere.

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