Friday, October 9, 2009

Bye Bye Room A501

Moving across the first batch of stuff to the new flat today.

Realised how attached I had become to my room when I started packing it up. Will miss my wall!

Yes, the new place has walls too...but am not allowed to poke toothpicks into it ><

Will also miss the 5th floor view.

But taking all the fond (fond fond fond) memories across with me.

Pics of the new place later. Picked up keys yesterday after typhoon cleared up in Tokyo.

Très excited! (especially after having to pay ¥340,000 to be able to move in...yes, I am too broke to exist right now.)

In other news, going for a Fiji Day dinner celebration thingo with the rest of the Fiji peoples in Tokyo...yay! Some lovo food and Fiji Bitter would have made the event perfect...but the sushi and Asahi will have to do for now ><

Happy Fiji Day!

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