Saturday, November 7, 2009

Traditional vs the not.

My university is having its annual festival this weekend, always a big affair which students (mainly younger undergrads) organise painstakingly for months. A lot of preparation goes into the smallest details from the signs at the gates, to the dancing, the food stalls, etc etc. Last year's experience was quite shocking as I could hardly breathe,let alone move, because of the crowds.

This time around the Dane and I decided to risk our lives and give it another try but luckily we went late in the afternoon so were actually able to walk around and enjoy a bit of the festivities. There were performances galore, here are two that seemed worlds apart and yet were being performed within 20 steps of each other.

The one: (being performed to some American hip-hop song)

And the other:

Greatly impressed by their amazing ability to dance so those shoes!

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