Saturday, November 7, 2009

The new abode

So I changed address for the 13th time in my 25 year life by moving into a loft last month! (As a civil servant Dad got a lot of transfers and the family always moved with him...the habit kind stuck when I grew up and moved out of home :P )

Slowly trying to turn the new place into a home and so far have been able to outfit it with a futon,a used fridge and a clothes rail. The absence of cupboards/drawers (or storage space of any kind) is proving to be a slight challenge but luckily the Japanese have invented enough space saving knick-knacks to tackle the problem! But this will also help me maintain a minimalist existence. :)

No proper pics yet as there are still belongings stacked up in the middle of the room waiting to be sorted. But here are some tid bits.
A bit of the ocean at my window...
My newly acquired funky toothbrush holder thingy and my awesome blue shower curtains (both picked up at the ¥100 store!!!)
My two sulus (sarong/lavalava/laplap) that are acting as makeshift curtains till I can afford proper ones and adding to the already long list of 'Things you can do with a sulu'...will have to dedicate an entire post to that one!
The ladder that leadeth to the top :)


Wilson said...

The ladder which leads to the top...where the magic happens!

Ronna said...

love the ocean bit! can't wait to see your loft hon - fingers crossed next year!!!!

joni said...

Are the shells and stones really as big as my eyes say they are?

sharky said...

@wilson: yeah, if you are a midget who can make magic in confined spaces :P

@Ronna: mi casa, su casa :)

@Joni: objects in the photograph may appear (much much) larger than they really are. :D