Monday, September 20, 2010

EAT, pray, love

I have been to the movies all of three times during my 2 years in Japan, the third of which was this weekend.

The first two movies were randoms a year ago, one an old Japanese comedy at a film festival and another about a band called the Boredoms. Saturday was the first time I went to see a proper Hollywood release...Julia Roberts in what I thought was not her best performance. I had also read the book so naturally the story seemed slightly less intriguing.

What did fascinate me though was the popcorn/drink holder tray. Yes, the popcorn/drink holder tray.

It is a tray that has a slot for your drink and a square slightly indented space for your popcorn packet. I found my seat and put the drink in the seat cup holder and the popcorn packet on my lap and was looking around trying to figure out how to get rid of the tray.

My friend gives me a 'tsk tsk' takes the tray, puts the popcorn and drink back on it and slots the drink piece into the seat cup holder. I thought it was genius! you can keep it in the middle of two people or swing it to either side if you want to hog the popcorn (imagine a little desk in front of you). no more accidentally spilling popcorn on you lap, no more need for people to attack your crotch. (unless of course you like that sort of thing)

I couldn't find an exact pic of the contraption but this one is close, only difference is that there was only one compartment for the drink which is then slotted into the seat cup holder.

bloody brilliant i tell ya!

Also, a friend was asking me how I related to the story (divorced lady goes on self-discovery adventure blablah) Well, I don't know about the praying and the loving but I can certainly vouch for the eating. And in light of that, I am off to Osaka tonight by the overnight bus on what I am calling, a culinary tour.

Osaka is the second major city in Japan, and known as the nation's kitchen, the food mecca. I can't wait. Will try to do a food diary if I can remember to take pics of the dishes before I start devouring them.

The trip is also to begin crossing off 'want to visit' places off my list before my last year in Japan disappears! I have been far up North to Hokkaido and down to Nagasaki and a few places in between, time to cover more distance.

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