Friday, September 10, 2010

Flippy Floppies

So like most women, if not all, I also love shoes. But while the general market usually veers towards heels and boots etc, my heart stops at flat (and mostly open) shoes: sandals, strappy shoes, crocs and ...yes, flipflops (jandals, thongs or whatever else you call them)

I don't do heels. Period. I have worn a pair probably once or twice in my life to humour people and in the end it only further confirmed my dislike for them.

When I was younger I stayed away from them because I already towered over most girls my age...and guys. So I didnt need an extra few inches to hover over my dates.

Then I realised I had weak ankles (which apparently would be stronger if I wore heels, catch 22?).
Then there was the issue of never being able to find my size... yes, I have big feet, and moving to Japan wasn't the best help.

And then, I just decided that I enjoyed the comfort of not wearing them. So there.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against heels. I love looking at them, and Tokyo is the perfect place for that. Women here are apparently the most fashionable in the world, weird too, but definitely fashionable.

Shoe watching is a great time-pass on train rides, hundreds of shoes getting on and off at each stop. And Japanese women (and men!) raise their feet to the occasion by always sporting the newest, trendiest shoes. Its like shoe porn!

Back to flippy floppies, although my mother tells me its not good for my feet, I love the freedom they give my toes. One of the most depressing things about living through winter here is subjecting my toes to the claustrophobia that confines them into socks. UGH.

So... the reason for carrying on about shoes and toes is because today I came across this super genius creation called Switch Flops. Because while I love shoes, I hate having too many possessions. Practicality beats chic any day. And these Switch Flops combine the two. Its pure brilliance, I tell you. I can't believe no one had thought of it earlier.

The straps are interchangeable and one can velcro on and off whatever pattern or colour they like.


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Awesomeness in the Flesh said...

Shoe porn. I love it =) And switch flops are genius!