Saturday, October 16, 2010

Journey to Japan's Kitchen... (the last bit)

The final supper in Osaka was had at the backpacker hostel I was staying at.
The place was run by two very cool Japanese guys and they had organised a cook-up for guests.
I was too busy mingling to take pics. 
After dinner and drinks I finally left for my bus rendezvous point about a 15min walk away.
I arrived early.
So that gave me just enough time to sneak around the corner and have another beer and a bit more of the skewered stuff. (the batterless version)

Pork recommended by the cook himself.


This last one is actually a half-eaten malasada.
Its from a small Hawaiian shop in the beach town called Zushi where I managed to escape to one last time that weekend when I got back to Tokyo.
Unfortunately it was already too cold to swim. But this summer I had managed to swim there about 4-5 weekends in a row so it wasn't so disheartening.


Bellerophontes said...

happy and kinda say that this was the last post.

Meanwhile I'm reading this at 2:44am.....not the best time to be salivating!!!!

bf4lyf said...

did you take those shots of the food. They pretty good and the food yummy

sharky said...

haha, but ofcourse I did. and that too with my crappy non-professional camera!