Thursday, December 9, 2010

year end panic cartwheels

Yikes! I haven't posted anything in 2months.
So here's what happened. About a month ago I realised, in somewhat of a panic,
that the year was coming to an end.
Panic! because I had slowed down in crossing things off my:
'Things I would love to do while I can still do things' list.
(item #5: find a shorter name for this list)
*for more information on list, scroll to the end of the post*

Item #something-or-the-other: Cartwheels!
Yes, cartwheels.
But, these aren't ordinary cartwheels, they have to be learnt through Capoeira.
Yes, Capoeira.
An obsession that stems from my first viewing of 'Only the Strong' as a child and then much button bashing in Tekken with Christie and Eddie.

And so after useless, anxious staring at the homepage of an Academy nearby (which i have had bookmarked for over a year!) I decided to embrace my fears, and inflexible body in tow went in for the first class. Then signed up for a month.

And what a fabulous, albeit painful month it has been. Masochism has never been THIS much fun! While I'm still working on the cartwheels, I have learnt so much else! Constantly amazed by the students in the academy and the two brilliantly brilliant sensei's. They are by far the most talented yet down-to-earth bunch I have met in Tokyo.

And with their help, encouragement and amazing patience, I'm slowly letting go of my own inhibitions. Quite in awe of it all, and loving every moment of it.
Now the aim is to land that perfect cartwheel.

Additional information:
  • The end-of-the-year panic was uncalled for because the list carries off on to the next year, but I'm a procrastinator and need short term goals.
  • The list is somewhat progressive and only has a few fixed items like: get a tatt, scuba/sky dive. The rest is mostly: do something and then add to the list. (No I don't have commitment issues!) 
  • Item #something-or-the-other: Try Absinthe  (the Green Fairy didn't make an appearance though, perhaps I had been rather demanding when hoping specifically for the Green Fairy (Kylie Minogue) from Moulin Rouge)


Bellerophontes said...

you better not return to ze motherland without perfecting ur cartwheel and handstands......maybe u could throw in a spinning bird kick too XD

Wilson said...