Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Coconut on Ice

No, for once I'm not talking about food.

Today I tried to skate.
on ice.

It wasn't the first time, that was about almost exactly a year ago when Rette visited.
Lets just call it a disaster and leave it at that.
To call that one an attempt would be an understatement, clinging to the sides of the rink is not an attempt.
Especially when you look behind and realise you are holding up a line of 6-7 year olds. *cringe*
(I had to move my body away from the sides creating a bridge with my arms to let the kiddos pass... *giant cringe*)

Today though, I can very proudly declare, was different.
Although I was kind of tricked into it and didn't know I was going skating until I was out of the house and on my bike.
Backing out then would have taken too much effort. Laziness does wonders for me sometimes.

At the rink I did start off by clinging to the sides again. But Bright Eyes was a brilliant (and very patient) teacher.

I quickly realised that my fear of falling was directly related to my inability to move.
So I fell. (not much effort required there!)

And after the first fall (both on my derriere and then forward) things began to make more sense.
I slowly weaned off the sides and by the end of our two hours on the rink I was happily moving along,
sometimes clutching Bright Eyes hand like my life depended on it,
and other times slowly trotting along.

I also got lots of smiles from the other beginners on the ice too, who were still holding on to the sides.
I was the beginners' hero (self-proclaimed or otherwise).

So another thing I can cross off the "list". yay. fewf.

oh and, I did fall about 3 other times. But it was all part of the fun...
fall, LAUGH, get up and go.
I'm putting that down as my pro tem epitaph.
Some ramen afterwards to warm the insides and soothe the bumps.
 (and alas, I did end up talking about food!)


Wilson said...

o cei o 'bright eyes'?

sharky said...

My bright-eyed, bushy tailed brother from another mother over here. You said no painting people with wide brush strokes or i had to find a new way to refer to them...

anything else? :P

Bellerophontes said...

haaaa! Now u can teach us how to skate :D Grats on acquring the skill!!!