Monday, July 25, 2011

Almost 4 in the morning...

I just finished reading my first ever Murakami novel...

after almost 3 years in Japan,

and then the earth shook.


no, just another tremor. >_<

Oh Japan, how I look forward to embracing more of you for the next/last two months.

NB: Norwegian Wood (Norway no Mori).

In other news, the packing has begun, poignantly so.
Yet excited about the next adventure too.

The mamachari let go sooner than I would have liked,
got towed to some big yard where all bikes go to rest
which was probably for the best.
Its wrong to be so attached to spokes.
And I had accumulated a lot of bad karma anyway from illegal parking,
amongst other things.

So lost the bike but found the sea.
Yin and yang summer this will be.

(this post was inspired by Dr Seuss,
and two days of delirium due to what I hope is the final cold I will get this season)

1 comment:

Wilson said...

Don't bring the japanese cold back to Fiji. Or else I smack you.