Monday, August 8, 2011

二ヶ月ぐらい... all I have left in this country, about 2 months.
So trying to use up every minute to take in all that I can,
sights, sounds, tastes, friends...sigh!

Taking out two weeks to explore some places I haven't been to,
the first stop is Kyoto and the rough itinerary is to go through
Nara, Wakayama and ferry across to Tokushima then make my way down to the far end of Kochi.
Lets see where the wind takes me.

Need to bid an epic goodbye to this 3-yr adventure.
But then, the adventure never really ends...


creepy stalker guy said...

KINKI region?

Oh Japan, now it all makes sense.

Sharky said...

indeed, with their misspellings and all. Its 'kinky' dammit!

'creepy stalker guy'... kudos for creativity.