Sunday, August 21, 2011 how I roll.

Posting the same map again, if anyone noticed.

Japan is probably the worst place to backpack 'my way' (without a proper plan) but I managed somehow anyway.

So I did make it to Shikoku, but not through Wakayama,
ended up going up to Okayama and then taking my first over-the-sea train to Takamatsu,
spending a night at a manga (comic/internet) cafe and then taking a beautiful slow train down to Kochi and camping out on the beach for a few days. *bliss*

Pics and anecdotes later. Currently trying to get my groove back in Tokyo after being in quarantine/on antibiotics for a week. It was a long time coming.

Let me at it!

here's the map again...for reference ;)

And yes, it does say 'Kinki' region...for the observant ones out there.


Wilson said...

Nobody noticed.

I bluff :P

Nice to see you enjoying Japan :)

Maggi Noodles said...

Seriously... KINKI Region?

That explains a lot about Japan.