Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back to the grind...

Had a LOVELY weekend!

Got out of town and went kayaking down the Luva River in Navua with Stepty and Ronnabelle on Saturday...the entire trip was beautiful and rejuvenating! Nature has a way of helping us reconnect with ourselves.

The bus trip up to the village was spent gawking at the mountains and rock faces, the trees, the cows and horses on the side...everything was...beautiful. After the sevusevu (traditional kava offering for permission to use river and introduction) was presented to the chief at the village, there was a quick buffet sandwich lunch by the river and then it was time to kayak! BLISS!!

The icing on the cake was the stop-over at the waterfall! It was freezing at first but soon your adrenalin takes over and its just exhilarating...despite me bashing up my shins on the rocks and cutting my small toe (ouch...but i AM accident prone!)

And then there was the punt ride back to the pick-up point so you could take in the surroundings without having to paddle.

The thing is I had been on the same trip two years ago but it was filled with drama from beginning to end. I was pretty much forced to go on it, the trip was for an exes friend who was doing a shoot for his cooking show and needed extras. There was even a cat fight at the waterfall between two of the camera men's girlfriends and that kinda soured the trip.

So to be able to do it a second time, drama free and top off the first trip was absolutely awesome!!! Will post up pics when they're downloaded.

Of course now its back to the grind...le sigh!

on the brighter side, i have 8 working days left...at work! :)

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shiva said...

Get uploading shorty! Me want pics!