Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sputum ad nauseam


My chest hurts from all the coughing and oh boy do i have a 'chesty' cough!
Good sense prevailed, though, and i got my coughing self to a doctor and got antibiotics and some expectorant...so hopefully i will be phlegm free in no time!

oh, and i got a divorce yesterday.

I am now legally single...the world better ...*cough* ....watch ...*cough* ...out.

...once I'm done coughing.

after the (short) divorce hearing I got brunch with Posh...pancakes, maple syrup, bacon with extra butter and some nice coffee...thanks for the shout Posh!

After dropping Posh off at work i ended up wandering around the city shops looking at handbags...still haven't found my perfect bag, I think its a sign that i should just stick to my backpack and satchels.

I did however find the cutest gloves and some green tea and checked out a tattoo place...need to take one of the boys with me next time, the guy who was at the counter looked...stoned. Hope he's not the one doing the tattooing!

And THEN i went home to get some shuteye. Single life is so exhausting!



shiva said...

checked out a tattoo place ay? Well make sure the stoner doesn't misspell my name!

its S-H-I-V-A!


Bellerophontes said...

This Posh person sounds awesome. Maybe u should tattoo HIS name instead on urself.


shiva said...

What if I throw in EXTRA bacon?

Bellerophontes said...


I got ur extra bacon RIGHT HERE BABY


Wilson said...

tattoo ga ira ><