Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yes, your honor, i am phlegmed.

Have my very own divorce hearing to attend tomorrow. Joy!

Leading up to this date I wondered how it would feel, now that I'm actually here... there's too much phlegm in my system for me to feel anything else. oh well, just glad it will all FINALLY be over.

A greater concern is finishing work tonight and actually getting to Court donkey balls being at work on a Sunday evening while feeling half dead. My position was finally advertised this weekend, wonder who'll take over from me...whoever it is...i hope they hurry the hell up!

Hmm...what do I wear to Court tomorrow....


shiva said...

Thought they had already hired someone for the job? Didn't you say something about fresh innocent meat about 2 weeks ago? What she quit already?

So what did you end up wearing to court? :)

cieart said...

Ah, the joys of getting a divorce in Fiji.

In Australia all I did was sign some papers and sent them off to The Ex to fill out and send to the courts.

No court appearances, no explanations...just a clean cut divorce. Although...I'm still waiting to be offically divorced.