Thursday, August 28, 2008

Genki desu arigato gozaimasu

that means...I'm fine Japanese. :)

have been going to a whole week of orientation at the Embassy and its been a lot of fun and helped calm the butterflies...immensely!

Today they had the official ceremony to present us with our scholarships before i fly off on and all. Felt a bit weird answering questions from the media instead of being the one with the notebook on the other end firing the questions. Fun!

Three days to go...the excitement is getting tiring and the list of things to not budging, wish i could just go to sleep and wake up there. sigh. My teleportation powers are down at the moment.

Posh shouted me to a yummy lunch and midday alcohol fix yesterday...I haven't even reached Japan but already excited about HIS visit!!

Looking forward to the final customary drinks at Bad Dog, karaoke and dinner at Peking (numnumnum...roast pork!) tomorrow night with friends. Gonna miss the love and the laughs.

to space and beyond...or maybe just up till Japan for now :)

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