Monday, September 29, 2008

now that I`m back in the blogosphere!

This post is long long overdue! Have been in Tokyo 29 days and counting...and oh what an interesting 29 days it has been!

Have photos to go with several different stories...some hilarious engrish and the usual unusualness! That will come in due time...still waiting to get a laptop...but when i do the updates will be less irregular.

Today the Japanese language classes started. brain=pulp. but things will improve. just nod in approval.

Arrived in Tokyo during summer so 20days or so were bloody hot! More humid than Suva at times and of course there was the occasional downpour that made me feel like i hadn't left Suva at all! The last two days though have been kinda cold. Autumn is here...although in my terms its winter so when the actual winter begins. brrr. freeze. if i don't write know that my fingers are probably frozen stiff.

The nice. Scored one of the best rooms in the dorm!!! On the 5th floor...overlooking a buncha trees and garden type thing as well as some of the a nice mix. Some of the other kids got rooms that were looking right into the trees which meant no breeze on the hot summer nights and great audibility when it comes to the crickets (cicadas). The cicadas are annoying as hell. But have died out or something with the cold! thank goodness. There are about 300 or so single and a coupla couples. ppl from everywhere...countries that i had to go and check on the atlas!!! hmm...france, spain, moldova, madagascar, denmark, sweden, switzerland, sudan, russia, etc etc....

hmm...i will not attempt to sum up the 29 days in one post...that will require a few days of writing. So will complete this in intervals.

until then. mata ne!

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