Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Snowed over, under and out!

So I have finally seen fact, I think it would be correct to say that I am 'all snowed out'.

Had the most delightful escape from Tokyo to a cosy Youth Hostel in the woods that we decided was in the middle of nowhere as there wasn't a single 7/11 in sight. In Japan, there is a 7/11 or combini (Japanese for Convenience Store) at every ten steps. seriously. Also, as Max, who found the place put it, its a good thing we showed up or the Hostel would have had to lose the 'Youth' from its name as the other 3 or so guests were well past their youth..and ours!

So yeah, the first contact with snow was kind of lackluster, with some measly snow lying on the pavement at one of the stops along the way. Of course, that still didn't stop the snowball fights, that then evolved into just taking a handful of snow and rubbing it onto your opponents face...hey! all's fair!

AND THEN...on the Sunday we took the Rope Way up a mountain... 2.240m above sea level, gently rocking to a temperature of -10 degrees Celsius. With snow all around you, and your fingers feeling like they were about to fall off...I had wholly, and truly, finally seen snow. OK I get the point, lets go back now.

Of course, not before a somewhat short yet classy snowman and a few million poses in the said snow. All in all a good first snow show experience.

hmmm...whats next?!!!

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