Thursday, December 11, 2008

tis the season to ...kaicolo seasons!

Coming from a country which has eternal summers and...rain, the concept of having four different seasons a year is pretty...kaicolo worthy.

Got here in Summer which was sometimes unbearable even for me! Now we have reached the end of autumn and winter has begun in most parts of Japan. The Japanese promote "leaves watching" during autumn where popular places are named to go and see the leaves that have changed colour, actually went for a hike up a nearby mountain called Takaosan and yeah, very pretty trees with leaves that are red, orange yellow etc.

This was taken on the hike up Takaosan

Although i have found another way of enjoying autumn.

With winter setting in the pretty leaves from Autumn are all slowly falling way of enjoying the leaves is jumping on the piles that collect under the trees and in the park etc.

Unfortunately the streets are cleaned a bit too efficiently so there are just a few windows of opportunity available to one to jump on the piles and hear them crunch...and for some unknown reason i get a great sense of enjoyment doing that. Envy the kids I sometimes see in the park who get to actually roll around in the piles of leaves. damn! just ain't fair!

Some of the trees at uni finally changed colour and the leaves are now falling off...walked out of class last Friday to a nice, sunny and windy day outside...everyone was shrieking in glee walking down this road with these leaves falling all around you. although..they aren't as crunchy when jumped upon. :)

this other one i took yesterday on the way to the cafeteria.

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Bellerophontes said...

mmmm preetiful.

I think there's this jap tradition where you check out the sakura trees shedding leaves while getting ur drink on under said trees - GO DO IT!!!! lol