Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Sign of the Times...and the Weekend.

So the trip out of Tokyo also provided much entertainment in terms of new (read: hilarious) signs. While we couldn't photograph the majority of them as we were either too tired, too hungry or running for whatever public transport was next on the list, we did however, get the best one.

And to be the best sign of all the signs we had seen this weekend means a lot, it had to compete with the 'Royal Hind' on an Indian Restaurant sign, the 'No Smorking' outside the bus terminal and the 'Town Sneakers' sign, which I still don't know if it was referring to a shoe shop sponsoring the sign or some actual sneakers sneaking about town.

So anyway, here it is..found in the restroom (thanks Max!) at a burger joint in Matsumoto, where we stopped off on the way back to Tokyo to see a Castle. (hmm...that probably explains the royal hind) And yes, on the other side of the wall, there was the male equivalent of this sign. Don't Mistake yeah!

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Wilson said...

Im scared of the japanese now ><