Saturday, May 23, 2009

Geographically Challenged

Snippet from a conversation between me and a Phd student from the University where the workshop in Nagasaki was hosted. The student was an observer during one of the sessions and this conversation eventuated during the break.

Formalities, blah blah blah

Her: So you are all from the Pacific (reps from most of the islands were present at the workshop)
Me: Yes, we are!
Her: Oh wow! So I was come you all look so...different?
Me: {smile,giving a low humouring giggle} That's because we are all from different countries, the Pacific is a region, not a country.
/take girl to a map on the wall and point out Melanesia, Polynesia, Micronesia while giving examples of participants from the different countries present in the room.
Her: And so you all speak different languages?
Me: /facepalm


Wilson said...

If i were you, I would have /facepalmed her face saraga lol

John Michaels said...

but... they do... right?

joni said...

Oh no! I think I'm guilty of the same brand of ignorance many times!!

sharky said...

Haha! I think we all knowledge, or the lack thereof, of European countries is embarrassing! /cringe. SO yeah, I just got all hoighty toighty coz it was my region in question this dare :O hehe

Anonymous said...
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