Monday, May 4, 2009

Sarika's Travels

Feel like I am on Lilliput Island some days.

Went around looking for shoes, shorts and other basic necessities today but was greeted by the same problem every.bloody.where. They didn't have the item in my size.

I need to start binding my feet (amongst other things) to reduce size and restrict any further growth.

Otherwise, still on holiday and absolutely loving it!

Went for a hike up (down, around and about) Mt Takao on Saturday and ended up walking even further to a nearby town called Sagami-ono...was nice to be out of the city!

Then went back to civilization with a blast...dinner at a cheap and awesome yakiniku (fried meat) place in Kichijoji, several rounds of several different drinking games (the japanese ones ranged from cow tongue to ninja!) then some karaoke, a few more drinks at Hub (a chain of 'british' pubs in Tokyo) and then a final dash for the last train....good times, good times.

pic taken on the way to the dam in Sagami


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/jealous ^_^

Gatto999 said...

Great shot !...
Ciao from Italy