Tuesday, June 29, 2010

...and then!

(borrowed from the internets)
Am at home sipping on garlic tea waiting for Japan to take on Paraguay (in the World Cup, for those of you who live under a rock). Never thought garlic tea would actually be so...palatable. And no, I don't intend to kill vampires with my breath, just trying to get rid of a very icky sore-throat. errrgh!

All the soccer viewing is taking its toll on me. Have had to miss a few games (gasp!) to ensure that I don't collapse from sleep deprivation. Most were worth the watch but the most memorable so far was probably the 3am rendezvous at a nearby pub to watch the Japan vs Denmark game. Found out upon arrival that one needed to have purchased tickets, and that all tickets were...sold out.

But persistence, sad pouts and 30minutes of lingering around the door batting eyelashes at the doormen got us in...my friend and i ended up being the only foreign females in the place, total foreign population was about 5. Was a real treat! Japan won (shockingly beautiful!) and we saw and met and cheered alongside a lot of soccer-crazy/japan-crazy fans! Then there were also others- high-heels clad, perfectly manicured nails, sipping on their Vodka Cruisers. Great game viewing and awesome people watching. All in all worth the wake!

Otherwise, have about 3 weeks of school left and exams are creeping up slowly (what will turn into shinkansen speed soon). Start an internship at NY Times Tokyo office mid August, pretty excited even though I have no idea what I will be doing. Will find out soon enough. And then there's the planning out of the rest of summer...


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I ♥ new layout.

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Fan the new layout mate :D