Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sweat, rain and phlegm.

My appetite is back!
After a week of being down and out with a nasty cold, I finally feel hungry.
Just now, my stomach grumbled a bit.
Waiting on Thunder (American-who-forgot-it-was-July-4th-today) to go celebrate 4th of July by having some random American food nearby. (Yes, most prolly burgers and fries.)

My sense of smell hasn't returned though, but I'm still happy. At least the cold has bid sayonara. Now am just left with a cough, and phlegm and heaps of homework that was neglected last week. (Hey! I was sick ok!) Also, haven't had a single ciggy in an entire week. That's how sick I was.

Its 梅雨 (tsuyu) here, the rainy season. Can't beat the rain back home, that's real rain. Not this piss-weak excuse of a shower. The temperature though reminds me of Suva at its humid worst some days. Other days its just dry and sunny Lautoka. I need a fan.

July already?


Bellerophontes said...

a speedy full recovery plx!

Yes half a yr gone already!!!!

ronna said...

take care hon and please get well soon!!!!

Wilson said...

Have a hotdog for me! :D