Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Friday night traditions

Haven't updated in way too long, so will try to do a rough track back...starting with culinary pleasures!!

The last two months or so have been centred around food more than usual. Fridays are now reserved for dinner with Thunder, (who sometimes brings his girlfriend) and Bright Eyes. Thunder lives upstairs in my building and Bright Eyes lives 10minutes away on the bike. Met both during my first week in Japan, we all started off in the same month at the same dorm in Tokyo and then slowly each of us moved out closer to the university. Really great mates, and two of the few I have left in Tokyo.

So Fridays are now the official day to dine and catch up. This usually takes place at a nice and cheap Chinese place (authentic Chinese at a reasonable price is a rare combo here) just up the road from my apartment. Sometimes we walk a bit further in the neighbourhood and try out other eateries we haven't been to. We've tried out a Burmese restaurant and a Kaiten zushi (sushi-go-round) place. The kaiten zushi place was a pain in the neck, literally, as it had one of those order touch screens overhead to punch requests into instead of calling out to the sushi-chef as is the normal practise.

Anyway, last week we opened up the newly formed tradition to outsiders inviting Thunders 2 Chinese language tutors, a Chinese friend of Bright Eyes and my Ukrainian friend who is also studying Chinese. Yes, a very Chinese oriented affair indeed. And what better way to top it off than with some Beijing Duck. Mouth-watering, cheap Beijing Duck. I love food! Here's a crappy pic taken with my fone, I was too busy eating anyways.

Otherwise, have been cooking at home full-time, even I can't believe to what extent! Tried my hand at a proper Japanese style meal with pan-fried salmon, brown rice (the brown bit is my latest obsession), miso soup and tofu splashed with soy sauce. Otherwise the other usuals are spaghetti bolognese, Fiji style chicken curry and roti, chickpea curry, Yaki soba (Japanese style fried noodles) and ummmm... oh! microwave brownies!!! Plus made some Halwa for a potluck on Sunday (where I also had to mix and serve kava to about 20 people, made up of some other Pac Islanders and the rest Japanese).

I think I have written a lot, I need to go make dinner :)

oh, and now that the weather is getting warmer, Friday night traditions usually end with a stroll to the ice-cream place nearby with cheap soft-serves in about 20 different flavours (and run by a Chinese guy from inner Mongolia as we found out last week!)


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Bellerophontes said...

been on a brown rice trip for the last few months here at home. Yummm that duck looks bloody tasty!!