Friday, May 14, 2010


Wandered into a cheap little Korean eatery near my university this arvo.
This was my lunch.
Ordered a Korean teishoku (set meal)
Kimchi and tofu goodness, along with nori, bean sprouts etc etc. 
I love food.


Bellerophontes said...

ooo looks yum :)

joni said...
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joni said...

Err, as I was saying... How cheap is cheap in Tokyo?

sharky said...

ah! yeah... Cheap in Tokyo terms is prolly not cheap in...any other country >_<

this meal set was ¥650 i think...which is roughly US$6.50, which is a pretty good price for something this decent.

joni said...

It scares me to think what "not cheap" is in Tokyo. But that definitely looks yummy.