Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Eye see you!

Had my first visit to a doctor in Japan today.

Felt proud for being able to have avoided it for the close to 2 years that I have been here.

Was going to save you the gory details but heck! why not?!

I have a small lump on my lower right eyelid. In-fact, have had it there for almost 3 months now. There was a hint of a growth when I was back home in...March? Prolly why I always looked sleepy..or maybe I really was just sleep deprived.

SO yeah, doesn't hurt or bother me in anyway...its just there.Wouldn't have worried about it cept its grown ever so slightly and is now a visual bother...as in I can see it when I look in the mirror. Still I managed to leave off the dreaded visit to the docs...imagining up terrifying scenarios of how they would have to surgically remove it and how I would end up blind or lose my eye...yes i know, dramatic.

So on an impulse I walked into the uni health centre today and got referred to the neighbourhood ophthalmologist. Thought it would be quite the adventure given my language abilities, or the lack thereof.

So I find the place and get called in...and the guy speaks communicable English.
And is a sweetheart and tells me that I don't need a scalpel in my eye. *long and loud sigh of relief*
Just some antibiotic eye-drops. Apparently one of the sweat glands in the eye lid got clogged.
"Just wait it out", he says. "That's it? Really!" I squeal.

So yes, worry not people, for I shall live.

Also, I've been here almost TWO years already?!!! wow.


Wilson said...

Wait till you get the tentacle out your....ear.

John Michaels said...

Awwww, it's gonna go away. I thought it added character... now you'll be just like everyone else.