Friday, August 20, 2010

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!

So I love bubbles. I love blowing bubbles, watching bubbles, popping bubbles and I love dancing around them as they float away in the air. (and yes, you can get your mind out of the gutter...bubbles is not codeword for anything)

Bubbles automatically make me smile, just like that. Perhaps there are people who don't like bubbles, I hate to burst their bubble but i reckon if they can't see the joy in bubbles then they must live in...yes, a bubble. (I may have kind of overdone it there just a tad bit with the bubble related idioms,no?).

Bubble lady at Fuji Rock

Earlier this month I got to see a steady stream of bubbles, in the midst of  a lot of rock music, laughter and just plain ole chilling my very first proper music festival (well, disregarding the smaller ones at home). Fuji Rock Fest 2010. It was on my list of 'things to do because I want to do them' and ended up being on of the best experiences I have had in my short-lived life. There were times when I would pause and tell my Fuji rocker friend,  
"I am soooo happy! 
This is absofuckinglutelyaamazing!!"

There was Massive Attack, Atoms for Peace, Belle and Sebastian, Vampire Weekend, a Japanese rock band called Boom Boom Satellites and several other performers. It was held at the foot of some lovely mountains in a place called Niigata (an hour away from Tokyo on the bullet train-my very first ride on the bullet train wheeeeeeee) and in the evening there was mist surrounding the stage. twas magical.

bubbly eyes!
It also hosted all of 110,000 people, the most I have ever seen in one place. And yet everything was in order. There was serious recycling going on, people would wait patiently in lines, not a spot of rubbish on the ground, the portable toilets were flush-able and even had toilet paper! yes, only in Japan

Crowd at ONE of the stages. White pile on the left =empty P.E.T bottles collected for recycling.

and then a day later, back in the city, I found out that bubbles don't necessarily always bring joy.

They sometimes bring great annoyance. And aggravation.

The kind that makes you wish that the girl sitting next to you chokes...on the very straw she is using to blow bubbles into her ginger-ale. >_<

some people should not leave their...bubbles.


Wilson said...


Bellerophontes said...

gang bubbles the clown is at the hibiscus festival - pass on ur lolomas? heheh.

btw i like the way u used ur love for bubbles to talk about the concert.

P.S. Everyone in the gutter sends their ai ^_~

L.Cass said...

this sounds sooooo damn awesome.

wish I was a bubble there.

Anonymous said...

C'etais une super journée!