Saturday, January 3, 2009

5th Wheel!

Happy New is in the even sorta rhymes (/puke).

So the year started with some balloons (that were eco-friendly as i later found out...maybe to offset the damage caused by the huge bonfire in the temple grounds!!!) being released at a temple at the foot of the Tokyo Tower which also lit up to 2009 (counting backwards in Japanese after some beers and sochu was quite the challenge!) and after finally escaping the masses lined up at the temple we danced the new morning in.

Two of my closest mates at the dorm also found new interests...of the romantic kind...between the clock striking midnight and the morning of 2009. That feeling is contagious, to all except me ofcourse, so I managed to work out a plan to escape being the 5th wheel so early in the New Year and let one party go off to breakfast and then dodged the next party to take a dozey train ride home watching the sun rise over the horizon. Pwetty pwetty.

Spent some me time checking out the aminals at the zoo today. Why aminals...because animals sound too barbaric for those adorable punks I saw today. Call it my personal Engrish. Also, whoever said the birth rate in Tokyo is going down should visit a nearby park or Zoo...there were kites etc galore at the park near the dorm on New Years day...I even had a ball thrown at me, which the poor kid then had to apologize for. And then at the zoo it was more like kid-watching amongst aminals. But hearing little Japanese kids squeal out 'Konnichiwa Kuma-san' has to be one of the most adorable things one gets to hear!!! (Kuma being bear)

sigh. Here's to an awesome year!


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