Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm off

No, not in the 'kuku' sense, but in the 'I'm off to Thailand' sense.

Luckily I was kept busy running last minute errands today but now that I am back in my room packing (supposedly), a slight feeling nervousness is taking over. Max once said that that's a good thing, nervous=cautious. So yeah, here I go.

Snagged myself an only slightly outdated Lonely Planet on Thailand at the Blue Parrot (quaint little used English books store near uni) for cheap.

The gift voucher from the internet providers got in just in time to pay for more than half of a new camera. I love freebies! Couldn't get what I went looking for but in retrospect this seems better, unfortunately the cheaper version with a viewfinder was only available in Japanese (story of my life :P) but this one had a good discount attached to it, so don't even mind the silver look anymore. Sony cybershot DSC-H3. I can get snapping now. Sweet, I am ready for this new adventure!

Also, got a package from home...FMF Breakfast crackers, can this day get any better. I am not as materialistic as I sound...no,really.

Said adieu to ronnabelle. Wished Jolie good luck with her endeavours and also got a long email from a long lost friend who is now on the path of re-self discovery. sigh..and so continues the circle of life.

I guess being away from family and friends has taught me to appreciate people more, relishing the good moments and learning from the bad ones. Getting a tad bit emo innit? hehe, but just in case I get lost in the wild, or decide to take up Buddhism and go seeking nirvana somewhere in Asia..I say it here, thank you all for everything. I may get excited by silly things like Jason Mraz concerts and go all materialistic over laptops, but its my friends and family and the moments that we have shared and the many more that are to come that make life worth living and oh so sweet!

ok enuf.

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Wilson said...

Bring back a thailand bf :P