Monday, February 23, 2009

My life is complete!!

Just got back from watching Jason Mraz perform live in Shibuya here in Tokyo...I am still in awe, that man is a brilliant performer, I believed it and now I have seen it!

We weren't allowed to take pics but I managed to get a short vid with my phone which doesnt have a very good zoom...but that don't matter, its all here in my head!!!

Also, someone behind me decided to use their flash while i was recording a snippet of what Kaos terms my 'anthem'(I'm Your's) and the security guy decided to stroll by and thought it was me so there is a 'sumimasen' (excuse me!) at the end before i snapped the phone shut!

argh! I am still buzzing with excitement!!!

I love the way Mraz comes up with tunes on the spot, and he had the audience... foreigners AND Japanese alike...on their feet singing, clapping and high fiving along!

sigh! my life is complete!!

The only thing that's left now is to find out where he is spending the night so i can get -_-

oh yeah, and Jason is the one in the white sweater and blue the middle bobbing his head...and...minor details BUT...we were wearing the same outfit minus the hat on my part!! silly...i know, but let me be!


Wilson said...

You silly :P

Glad you finally went to something worthwhile in Japan aside from the Underwear Vendor Machines ....

John Michaels said...