Sunday, February 1, 2009

Onigiri lifesavers

Found yet another old pic taken when i first got to Tokyo in September. This is most probably the first onigiri that I consumed in this country...the first of quite possibly what may be more than a hundred onigiri's consumed thus far!

Onigiri's (おにぎり)are basically rice balls often wrapped in an edible seaweed paper like thing called nori and have an assortment of fillings ranging from prawns, tuna and mayonnaise to fish eggs and salmon etc.

Along with being relatively nutritious, they are also cheap, some costing as low as ¥97, and can be bought at almost every convenience store or supermarket. And their size makes them easy to have on the go, especially when one is running late and since it is considered rude to eat in public or while walking outside in Japan these can be devoured (very quickly) while standing outside the convenience store itself.

I think the closest comparison I can draw to explain its economical/delectable convenience is the 'roti parcel' in Fiji.

Onigiri's also proved to be a life saver when I first got to Japan and could not decipher labels AT ALL (as opposed to now where I second guess!) So the ones like these with prawns sticking out were quite self-explanatory. Other favourites include tuna and mayonnaise, chicken and mayo, salmon and roasted rice onigiri's. the ones with fish eggs are really not my thing...and so that's one kanji I learned to read in a hurry!

There are some with a bit more complicated wrapping where the nori is not attached to the rice ball but requires a simple peeling of the plastic to attach the seaweed to the rice before eating...and like several other things, it was something Neto and I had to learn from our all-things-Japanese Guru Max. Now in retrospect, I feel like sucha a noob. ><

anyway, food in japan=drool.

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