Monday, February 9, 2009

What a beautiful mess, this is!!!

Finally went and got tickets to watch Jason Mraz...Ears is tagging along even though she's not a huge fan, I think she's just bored or perhaps curious to see what all the excitement on my part is for.

Had to pause a moment and analyse my budget before getting the ticket coz realised I was running low on the monies from having paid for the ticket to Thailand (!!!) and THEN for a re-entry permit for Japan AND a visa to Thailand...sigh!

but decided, wtheck...!!! I am going to watch Jason Mraz live! Now I have $20 a day to survive on till end of Feb...which isn't much in Tokyo but figured I can hibernate in my room and watch movies so its not that much of a biggie.

Also,...WOOOHOOO!!! I am on a two month holidayyyyyy!!!!

Getting the tickets was an adventure too, had to go and get a receipt out of a 'Loppy' which is an ATM like machine at Lawsons (convenience store) then pay for it at the counter...and yes, everything was in Japanese so Max came to the rescue, once again!

so yeah, tis official!!! I am going to watch Jason Mraz live on the 23rd of this month!!!

I had always wanted to see a famous band i liked, live...I didn't think the opportunity would come so soon...and that too, to watch Jason Mraz live!!! wooohooooo!!!!

eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!

And for Mraz noobs, the title is from a fave song of his...Beautiful Mess


Wilson said...

yay lucky you! :D

How much was the ticket btw? curious as to how you got all this money all of a sudden ><

sharky said...

still running on scholarship allowance. ticket cost ¥6,800...for Jason Mraz...this is a sacrifice I am willing to make. ><

Bellerophontes said...
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Bellerophontes said...

MEANWHILE!! Guess who JUST figured the "Ears" thing out......

shiva said...

Boooo for watching his gay ass instead of coldplay