Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Need to do an internship in the summer
Wrote my third email of enquiry this week.
Read it over.
Re-phrased some ambiguous bits.
Read it over again.
No typos.
Smile. this looks good!
Re-read one last time.
Press send

/facepalm (irl)


Before signing off, email read 'My resume is attached for your reference'

I...forgot to attach the resume. >_<

Don't you just love it when that happens.


ronna said...

awww sending you virtual hugs!!!!!!!! hope you get the internship that you want hon!! mwah mwah

Rob said...

lol just resend with the attachment. happens all the time. no problemo on the receiving side if you fix the problem swiftly

Bellerophontes said...

let me be your mind's voice. Ur thinking "these fuckers won't even consider me if I can't even remem to attach my resume. Totes delete-without-reading job."

Worry not compadre! Once they see ur awesome CV they'd be all "OH EM GEE SHE'S THE ONE!"


so effing busy today (what's new Baloo?) - haven't had a chance to respond to ur highlight-of-my-week email :)

sharky said...

hehe, *blush*
yeah, it wasn't so bad, I suppose everyone does that now and again so they don't hold it against you.
just hate it when it does happen though.

sharky said...
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joni said...

Hahaha! It *is* frustrating when that happens.

I'm beginning to look around for graduate degrees (ahem, Ph.D's) in the US but I'm sooo intimidated by the requirements.

sharky said...

ooh! good luck with the search...may the intimidation provide great motivation!