Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kodomo no hi

My arms are growing heavier and my fingers are slowing down as I type this. I dread the climb up the ladder to the loft but look forward to the crawl onto my futon.

Spent an entire arvo playing Twister, hide&seek, tag and hula hoops (in that order, with random water-pistol matches thrown in).

The rest of the crew consisted of two 4yr olds and one 7yr old. (with two other 1.5yr olds sprawling around the place to keep things interesting.)

Happy Children's Day, indeed.

Also, jun-ken-po solves everything. and is fair.
I wish grown-ups used it more often.

-spent the day in a seaside town called Zushi, 1.5hr train ride out of Tokyo.

-Was visiting one of my (many) adopted Japanese family's here. They have 3 kids and there were two more visiting from next door.

-Today is Children's Day in Japan.

-Jun-ken-po is (123) sapui is rock/paper/scissors.
It's like a religion amongst kids here and understandably so. Always amazed at how not a squeak is heard after the winner is declared, not even by the most devilish ones in the group. fair is fair is fair.

-Also, sometimes I understand kids so much more than adults, although there is a fine line between similar wavelengths and similar Japanese language ability lengths. :P

one two three...saZzzzzzzz

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Rob said...

sounds exhausting! kids never tire of play