Saturday, January 17, 2009

Awesome waffle!

So put myself under house(room) arrest this weekend because I have a test and several assignments due next week.

But couldn't take it anymore so got out of the dorm looking for a cheap and quick dinner, and settled on a sushi place in Sengawa which is a 10min bike ride away. (yes, i realised it WOULD be a real shame if i didn't eat sushi at least ONCE a week while in Japan!! and to have it as the cheap and quick dinner option is just...sigh!)

So anyway, its tradition to stop for dessert (usually in the form of ice-cream) after dinner at one of the convenience stores and since it's brrr cold i decided to look away from the cooler towards the shelf with pastries etc...was still making up my mind when Max found this AWESOME waffle..or chocoreto bergi (aka Belgium) wafuru as it reads.

I present to you: Petit a la mode

Now in case the text is not so clear this is what it says on the wrapper:

Because we make sweets which are made from selected material, the sweets are awesome. Let's have a break with our sweets.
Please choose your favorite sweets.

And the icing on the waffle so to speak was when i paid for the awesome sweet. The cashiers here have a habit of calling out how much money you have given them and today the guy called out...CHODO!!!

I actually sort of staggered out embarrassed and then realised...hang on, he was speaking in Japanese!

Choudo in Japanese means: just, right, exactly.

guess whose going to be giving shopkeepers exact change more often from now on?!!


Albie said...

cake is better!

Bellerophontes said...

Very soon it'll be Maido Ari! Chudo! or just Maido chudo! ROFLOL!

Anonymous said...

u should've freaked and been like.."no, u one chodo!"