Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Love this country, I do!!!

Lost: Wallet

On a rainy and cold Friday afternoon on the way to my own birthday dinner.

Where: Not entirely sure >_< guesstimate is somewhere near bus station. Luckily was with two decent Japanese speakers at the time so we notified the security-like guy at the bus stand.

argh! there goes my identity aka Alien Registration Card, Health Insurance Card, bank cards etc etc. The thought of having to go through the entire process of replacing all those ID's didn't help the process of letting go.

Also said byebye to about a week and a half worth of transportation and food money. Argh!

Everyone kept saying "don't worry, its Japan, you'll get it back in no time.". Yeah right, that's always easier to believe when you're the one giving the advice and not getting it.

waited all weekend (and it was another long one at that!) but no calls from the Bus guys.


Checked at Koban (Police post) near bus stand and filed a lost item report. the only fun thing about that was getting to practice my very weak Japanese.

Checked again in the arvo...zilch.

After getting train ticket back to dorm, thought I'd give the station office a try...just in case.

And whaddya know! my wallet was handed in on the same day I lost it and was safely waiting for me at Tokyo station, 20mins away!!!!! I still couldn't believe it and thought my limited understanding of Japanese was confusing me. Until...

FOUND: Wallet.

Where: Tokyo Station "Lost and Found" Department...with every last cent intact. I could have reached across the counter and hugged the old guy at the desk.


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