Saturday, January 10, 2009

The makings of a coconut.

Happy Birthday to me (let's pretend I am posting this on the 8th!)

Got a coconut from Thunder. It's a running joke here because I, being a coconut, have turned out to be an expert on coconuts. I didn't think it was rocket science though to know the fact that coconut cream is extracted from the flesh and is NOT the pocket of water found inside the coconut. But I stand corrected.

Had an awesome birthday, spent the first half of the day on a Japanese class field trip. Gave mouth-to-mouth to a dummy (yay! i got some dummy action on my birthday!!) Got to put out a fake fire...with a real fire extinguisher...oh yeah!!

Cough cough...then crawled through some smoke filled corridors putting our lungs into a classmates hands who led us out...yay for her ability to read exit signs! After which I survived a simulated earthquake that was 6.0 on the Richter scale under a table with four other people from my class. wow...I'm getting dizzy...this isn't very fun anymore, make the room stop moving.

So yeah, have never been made so aware of my mortality on my birthday ever before hehe.

Got flowers from Neto!!...who needs a boyfriend when you have such awesome friends!! sigh, feels good to be loved...and half way to 50.

Quarter of a century...woohoo!!!

ps. still loving the care package from home!! Since I had gotten it early, I kept one item till the 7th at least to open (I couldn't wait any longer!!) Pure Fiji mango scent is yummy!!

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